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Noah, Age 4
Incident: Noah was running through the house, excited to go out and play, when he slipped, fell, and hit his head on the corner molding.

“When my four-year old son with motor delays was running in our home (excited to get his shoes to play outside), he slipped and fell catching the corner molding at his eyebrow. The fact that it was close to his eye, an injury to his face and his special needs were all nerve wracking. Knowing we’d be en route to a hospital and more than likely getting stitches. Somehow my son remained his smiley self throughout most of the ordeal. Dr. Pinsky was easygoing and patient with him; and explained everything to us. The trend continued with his office staff and follow up appointment. The funny thing is he made such an impact on my son. Any time I say we are going to the doctor he says, ‘Dr. Pinsky right? That’s my doctor.'”
– Marcy, Noah’s Mother