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Emme, Age 14
Incident: Emme was at soccer practice when she hit her head on a goal post, leaving her with a facial wound.

“It was a Wednesday night soccer practice, roads were still covered in snow. I dropped my daughter and her friends at the soccer bubble, I went to park the car, and one of the girls came running out to tell me my daughter was hurt. I ran inside to see my daughter’s head bleeding, she was sliced by a goal post across her forehead and through her eyebrow, rather than panic I immediately called Dr.STITCH for guidance. They answered the phone immediately, asked me a few basic questions, and sent me to the hospital where a plastic surgeon was waiting on us. The emergency room was packed, once we registered we alerted Dr.STITCH. We were then taken to our own “room” and Dr. Natoli arrived minutes later, she was awesome. The entire process from Call, to ER, to Discharge was completed in under 2 hours. This was my first time using Dr.STITCH and they made a traumatic situation very calming, it was a great experience, and I would recommend Dr.STITCH to everyone in need of a plastic surgeon.”
-Stuart, Emme’s Dad