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Post-Procedure Care and Instructions

For wounds covered by a topical steri-strip, you don’t need to do anything until you attend a follow-up appointment. While there, your doctor will provide you with aftercare instructions.

For wounds not covered by a steri-strip, you will need to apply bacitracin ointment to the wound twice a day. Before applying new bacitracin, gently wipe off the old ointment for a clean surface. After 48 hours, the wound may be washed with gentle soap and water. In the event that your wound becomes red or swollen, contact New York Plastic Surgical Group’s nursing office immediately at (516) 535-6740 Monday – Friday, or call (516) 504-3014 outside office hours.


Scar Treatment Program

The doctors at New York Plastic Surgical Group oversee Deep Blue Med Spa, an award-winning medical spa. Deep Blue Med Spa offers the most advanced, innovative treatments and products with proven results to restore healthy skin.

The doctors at NYPS Group have created a scar treatment program to help reduce the formation of new scars and improve the appearance of mature scars. Ask about it during your follow-up appointment!

For more information about products and treatments we offer to improve the skin’s appearance, visit


Commonly Asked Questions About Post-Procedure Care


I have a problem with my wound, who do I contact?

You can call our New York Plastic Surgical Group nursing office at (516) 535-6740 from 9am-4pm, Monday – Friday. If it is outside office hours, call (516) 504-3014 for assistance.

Am I allowed to exercise during the healing process?

At the time of your treatment, ask your doctor. The level of physical activity will depend on the size and location of the wound.

Is it okay if my wound gets wet?

It is not recommended to fully submerge your wound in a bath or go swimming, however it can get wet in the shower.

Do I need to get my stitches removed?

There are two types of sutures: one kind dissolves and the other kind needs to be removed. Your doctor will inform you which one is used on your wound.

How can I improve the appearance of a scar?

Once your wound has fully healed, be sure to apply a mild sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, or cover the area whenever it is exposed to the sun. Because everyone heals differently, your doctor will evaluate your scar during your follow-up appointment and discuss treatment options if necessary, including scar massage therapy.