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Calliope, Age 2
Incident: Calliope jumped off the couch and landed on a toy, sustaining a laceration to the inside of her lip.

“From the moment I dialed Dr. Stitch, everything went smoothly. This was my first emergency incident with my child, so naturally, I was panicking. When I called they took care of me right away and told me I would receive a call back in a few minutes. Within 10 minutes we were en route to the hospital to meet Dr. George. The ER was packed, so I was worried I would have to keep a 2-year-old calm but within minutes Dr. George came and assessed our daughter’s condition. His calm demeanor and clear explanations of how the procedure would take place helped my husband and me to feel at ease in a time of high stress. Dr. George was very calm and direct with his plan on treating our daughter. He included us in the process from beginning to end and was excellent in working with a very unhappy 2-year-old. His work was impeccable as our daughter has no scarring and was back to her energetic self in no time!”
– Kasey, Calliope’s Mom