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Vinny, Age 2

Incident: Vinny split his lip and received treatment from Dr.STITCH by the recommendation of a family member.

Dr.STITCH was great! After my son split his lip, we went to the local ER where they examined us and said we needed to be seen by a plastic surgeon, which the hospital did not have. It was a Saturday night, we had already been in the ER for some time and I did not know where to go from there. A family member told me about Dr.STITCH, so I decided to give it a try. The coordinator I spoke with was very lovely, she collected all of our information and told us she would give us a call right back to let us know where to meet the physician. Within minutes we were on our way to the hospital to meet Dr. Reish. Everything in the hospital was handled smoothly and we were there for less than an hour. Dr. Reish was very calming, quick and efficient. He stitched my son’s lip and was very happy to answer all of our questions. We had a follow up in 1 week and also, the team at Dr.STITCH reached out to us to see how my son was doing. I have already told many family members and friends about the great care we received. I hope to not, but would definitely use the service again.

– Christine, Vinny’s Mom