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“I have a spunky two-year-old son that is very daring. He climbs anything he can find and happily jumps off without fear. I always say that one of these jumps is going to land him in the ER. Well, ironically enough, that is not what landed us in the ER just a few days ago. My son innocently tripped over his own feet while running toward our house to go inside for dinner. He landed, head first, into the corner of the stone steps leading into the back door. I was in shock when I saw his head. I immediately picked him up, put him in the car, and I drove him to Huntington Hospital. Having never been in this situation before, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do. When they brought us to a room, the nurse had asked me if I wanted a plastic surgeon to stitch my son and that is when I had remembered an ad I saw for Dr. STITCH while I was at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group’s Deep Blue Med Spa. I googled the number and immediately called them explaining my situation. It just so happened that they already had a plastic surgeon at the hospital for another child and that surgeon walked into our room while I was making this call. I met Dr. Pinsky, who came in smiling and was super nice. He prepped everything, was gentle with my son, and did a great job. Everything happened so quickly, from the accident to the last stitch, but throughout the entire process Dr. Pinsky was so calm and collected that I did not feel nervous or worried. I felt comforted that my son was getting the best possible care. I am so grateful for Dr. STITCH and how easy the process is to get a plastic surgeon so quickly in the event of an emergency.”