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Joseph & Morgan, Ages 9 & 7
Incident: Joseph ran into the corner of a table causing a laceration on his head. His sister Morgan was playing in a bouncy house when she was hit in the face with another child’s elbow.

“Dr.STITCH is an amazing service/practice. I have used their services various times (1 cut to the inside of the lip, 1 cut to the upper outside of lip and 1 cut on head) and each time I was more than pleased with the Doctor who treated my children, how efficient and EASY the entire process is, the delicate bedside manner of the Doctors, and most importantly the expert care they give. All 3 incidents were handled by different Doctors and I can honestly say I loved them all because they were highly trained, super caring and supportive to my crying/scared children and when my children healed there was little to no scar. The process is so easy too, if your child needs a plastic surgery you call their number, each time I received a super polite person who took down my information (what happened, where I am currently located, etc) and within 5-10 minutes they called me back with the hospital nearest to me to meet the Doctor. Once at the hospital you must go through the hospital triage and than the plastic surgeon meets you and from that moment on you are in their care. One time the plastic surgeon actually arrived at the hospital before me so he was waiting for me! To sum it all up if you child every needs a plastic surgeon call Dr.STITCH. They do amazing work, somehow they reduce the parent’s stress level (from my multiple experiences) and they have amazing bedside manner. I whole heartily recommend their services.”

– Frances, Joseph & Morgan’s Mom

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